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Hangzhou Huaxing Industrial Co.,Ltd
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Hangzhou Huaxing(China) Industry Pty Ltd (Hangzhou Wasung Industry Fasteners Pty Ltd) is a enterprise thatspecializes in manufacturing and selling (sellf tapping) self drilling screws. Established for almost ten years for producing building screws,the company owns its own heat treatment operation, 2 fully owned color printing and packaging subsidiaries and a number of distribution and sales branches across China.

Head quarter located at Tan Xi Industry Development Zone of Yu Hang district,north west of Hangzhou city,it occupies land area of 23000 square meters and building area of 13000 square meters. Being one of the largest self drilling screw Manufacturers in China, the company has staff of more than 400 people, machines of more than 200 and has yearly capacity of producing self drilling,self tapping screws of more than 8000 tones(equivalent of around 1 billion mpcs) in DIN,ANSI,JIS as well as none standard screws made to clients specific needs.

In the past few years , our company continuously brought in internationally advanced technologies and equipments,imported dies,and a whole system of testing equipments on dimensions,mechanical properties as well as surface corrosion properties in order to improve our manufacturing and product development technology. This earned us12 registered patents and enabled our company to provide high quality products to clients from many different countries across all five continents,and excellent reputation in the domestic market.

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